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Group Health Insurance


All customary medical expenses incurred during hospital confinement for surgical or medical treatment, including:

Maternity: Normal and caesarean delivery, legal abortion and miscarriages
Emergency: Immediate need for treatment due to an accident, Injury or Illness
Ambulatory Plan covering the diagnostic tests and treatments (Labs, X – Rays, Scanners, MRI etc…) which do not require hospital confinement)
Prescription Medicine Plan covers the medication prescribed by physicians
Doctor’s Visit Plan covers Consultation fees and expenses at Clinic or at Home related to the medical services rendered
Dental treatment

  • Extensions:


    Coverage available outside KSA

  • Pre-requirement:

      Broker of Record
      Excel member list
      VAT Certificate
      Wassel/National Address
      Commercial Registration copy
      3 years claims experience
      A declaration letter if first time insurance
      Copy of existing Table of benefit be completed.
      Muqeem/Jawazat Print (Non-Saudi Employees) and GOSI print (Saudi Employees) is needed.

    Note: for first time insurance please download declaration and print on letter head sign and stamp.

    For under 100 members additional requirements:

      Gosi & Muqeem Print (Employee & Dependents) must be included. (enable upload of file)
      Individual Health Declaration for all the employees (and dependents) have be to

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