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Erection All Risk



Coverage is on an 'all-risks' basis, including: Fire, lightning, explosions, aircraft damage o Riots, strikes, malicious acts


Floods, inundation, storm, cyclone and allied perils


Landslide, overflows and rockslides


Burglary and theft


Faults in erection


Human errors, negligence


Short circuiting, arcing, excess voltage


Electrical and mechanical breakdown


Collapses, damages due to foreign objects, damages caused by impact


Any other sudden, unforeseen, and accidental damages that were not excluded explicitly

  • Extensions:


    Cross liability


    Third-party liability


    Removal of debris expenses


    Express freight, overtime charges


    Air freight


    Additional customs duty




    Owners' surrounding property


    Storage risk at fabricator's premises


    Maintenance cover

  • Pre-requirement:

      Broker of Record
      Commercial Registration
      Wassel /National Address
      VAT Certificate
      3 years claims experience
      A declaration letter if first time insurance
      Proposal Form

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